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DAN-FARM Hungary Kft was established by professional investors in 2002 with the co-operation of the Danish state. Hungary, two years before integration into the European Union, seemed to be the ideal area for investment. In addition to its long tradition in large-scale livestock farming, especially  pigfarming, Hungary was characterized by economic stability, predictability and reliability.

The shareholders had planned to launch the business first in Gadoros in the south of Békés County, but due to the lengthy permit-issuing process, production was started at the company’s second site, in Oroshaza-Szentetornya on an existing pig farm. The current layout was developed in two phases. A 1000-sow-capacity was constructed in 2005 and 2006, financed with bank loans and the owners’  resources. This size was extended thanks to EU subsidies and local bank financing in 2008 and 2009. The production size today is 2200 sows.

Due to the excellent geographic location, the production is supplied with the best available quality of feed raw materials. The neighbouring crop production is provided with high nutritive and microbiologically active liquid manure. The heating requirements of the farms are covered by biomass boilers, using the straw of the cereals, corn or rapeseed. The ash from the burning is mixed with the manure, thereby optimising the nutrient value of the fertilizer.

Both of the production locations fulfil all legal regulations, for example environmental or animal welfare rules.

The company employs an exclusively Hungarian workforce, with both skilled and semi-skilled workers, who speak English on request. Using the Danish expertise in pig farming, the thirty employees of the company are able to reach an internationally competitive level of performance. This success is based on the right genetics, the proper technology and an updated management. These conditions are present throughout the investments of the company’s shareholders.
Primary goals of the company are:

  • To be integrated into the social and economic environment,
  • To run a profitable operation with satisfied customers,
  • To be a reliable employer, providing long-term employment opportunities to  employees.

Since 2009 the feed requirement has been produced in the company’s own, automated feed mill factory. The feed is transported by company vehicles from the factory to the farm silos. The feed raw materials are purchased preferably from the neighbouring crop-farming partners. These partners are the biggest users of the liquid manure and the main suppliers of the straw to the biomass boilers. The imported ingredients are supplied almost exclusively by local dealers.

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