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Dan-Farm Hungary Kft. was established by professional investors in 2002 with the co-operation of the Danish state.
Danish investors and technology
The Dan – Farm Hungary Kft. was established by a meeting of  Danish investors and a worldwide famous pigfarming knowledge with an innovative Hungarian team and eventuated a stable, economically grounded company.
In 2017, FirstFarms, also a Danish owned company bought Dan- Farm Hungary Kft. and kept the successfull professional management ensuring the technical continuity.
Due to FirstFarms business concept, volume and their investments, Dan- Farm Hungary Kft. started to establish two new production locations. This development will increase our sow capacity from 2500 animals to 9000.
Modern livestock farms
We have production activity in two livestock farms. The headquarters is in Gádoros where our main activity is the sow´s insemination and farrowing. After weaning of suckling piglets we transport them by our own trucks to the farm in Orosháza- Szentetornya where our main activity is the pig rearing until the piglets reach approx. 25-30 kg and we sell them or we fatten them for slaughterhouses. Both of the production locations fulfil all legal regulations, for example environmental or animal welfare rules.   
The „Dan – Farm team”
The company employs only Hungarian workforce, with both skilled and semi-skilled workers, who speaks English on request.
We consider it important that we educate our employees, share the international experiences and we include innovative ideas to the daily based working performances. We offer continuous learning possibilities, excellent and stable working conditions which ensures a positive working atmosphere.
Using the Danish expertise in pig farming, the thirty employees of the company are able to reach an internationally competitive level of performance. This success is based on the right genetics, the proper technology and an updated management. These conditions are present throughout the investments of the company’s shareholders.
Our mission
We consider it important to integrate into the local economic and social environment, to run a profitable operation with satisfied customers and be a reliable employer, providing long-term employment opportunities to  employees.
Co-operation with the local partners
Due to the excellent geographic location, the production is supplied with the best available quality of feed raw materials. The neighbouring crop production is provided with high nutritive and microbiologically active liquid manure. The heating requirements of the farms are covered by biomass boilers, using the straw of the cereals, corn or rapeseed. The ash from the burning is mixed with the manure, thereby optimising the nutrient value of the fertilizer.

As THEY see us:
In the summer of 2018, Dan-Farm Hungary Kft. opened its doors to students who were interested in approaching pig breeding, because we believe that the future ’s generation is between them. Three high school students and one college student could join the Dan-Farm team. They wrote the following reports about us:

„I applied for Dan-Farm's summer student work because I was looking for something like a care work. This is how I got to the Dan-Farm Hungary Kft. I learned a lot of things about work responsibilities, how to treat animals, the importance of hygiene and the manual work. We were involved by the employees into all workflows and they helped us when we got stucked with something. It has been a great experience and I am glad to have chosen the Dan-Farm Hungary kft!” (K. Tamara, high school student)

„My name is Nikoletta N. and a third year veterinary student. The university required mandatory summer practice, so I spent one week at the Dan-Farm Hungary Kft. From "pig farming" everyone immediately associates with dirtyness, smells and bad working conditions. The Dan-Farm is a perfect counter-example, where cleanliness, hygiene are unequalled and, incidentally, enormous attention is paid to the biosecurity regulations, which has its result. All of them who work there are animal lovers and knowledgeable people and this fact coupled with the best breeding technology, will result pigs being in the best conditions. Everyone was very kind and helpful with me. I learned a lot and I felt very good. I'm sure that during my university years I will go again for practice and I also recommend this job to everyone, because if you love animals - you will feel good at Dan-Farm too! " (N. Nikoletta, veterinary student)

„Hello! This one month of student work was very meaningful and interesting! Colleagues involved us into almost all work. I did not just tried myself as pigfarmer, but also helped to the maintenance staff. As a pigfarmer I tried and somewhat mastered the basics of vaccination and other treatments. As helper of the maintenance staff I learned the use and importance of tools. The staff were very helpful! (V. Tamás, high school student)