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  • New member in the FirstFarms group
    2019. february 08
    The pig division of the FirtsFarms Group has been expanded. According to the agreement that has been borned these days, after the hungarian Dan-Farm Hungary Kft., the czech Granero, the JK Gabcikovo from Slovakia has also joined the flag of the Danish stock company, thus supporting the ambitious growth strategy of the group in the field of pig farming.
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  • Summer practice at the Dan-Farm
    2019. february 15
    For the first time, Dan-Farm Hungary Kft. takes agricultural technician, agricultural machine repair, farmer or animal husbandry specialist students for summer practice.
  • School roadshow- be continued
    2019. january 29
    A new station in our school's roadshow was the Kiskunfélegyháza Agricultural and Food Industry Gymnasium, Vocational School and College. We were happy to answer many interested questions.
  • Angels are between us
    2018. december 21
    Christmas gifts of Dan-Farm employees have arrived for children.
  • School Roadshow
    2018. november 21
    We can forget the old picture of pig breeding, because here is the new super technology!
  • Children Camp in Nagyszénás
    2018. november 21
    Children of our region camped well again- the popular family barbeque was again part of the program.
  • Student work between piglets
    2018. november 13
    Dan-Farm Hungary Kft. first time opened its gates for students as part of the Summer Jobs program.